MitiMeth is a fast growing woman owned social enterprise making handicrafts from invasive aquatic weeds and other non-timber resources found in Nigeria. We are changing livelihoods for good by training and partnering with communities at the base of the economic pyramid to create these innovative and functional handicrafts. We are conscious about preserving our environment and inspired to transform renewable resources into beneficial use. MitiMeth products (multipurpose baskets, lamps, vases, ottomans, mirrors, coasters) are designed for those who have a taste for unique locally made handicrafts. Everyone who buys a MitiMeth product plays a vital role creating job opportunities and in keeping our waterways and land in prime condition for current and future generations.

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A big THANK YOU to our Customers, Financial and Technical Partners, Cheerleaders, Family & Friends. We could not have made it this far with out your kind support.